At EAST ON RODEO we are committed to making designs that are modern, versatile, accessible and made to last. We understand the importance of wearing comfortable, stylish, and functional clothing.

We aim to create styles that fit into a woman's lifestyle and offer a wardrobe that can be styled across many seasons.

What makes us different?

At East on Rodeo we take a “petite” first approach to our sizing. With the average woman in the US standing at 5’4” - we thoughtfully craft inseams, pant rise, shirt, sleeve and hem length with the 5’-ish frame in mind to create the most flattering pieces.

That said, anyone can have “More Soul Than Height” which is why we offer limited size runs in standard sizing online and through our wholesale partners.

Have questions or need help finding your right fit? We can help - send us all your fit questions here.

about our founder

EAST ON RODEO was founded by Jessica White in 2022 with the vision to transform the most-loved wardrobe staples into transitional, multi-dimensional pieces and expand wardrobes across the world.

Born & raised in Los Angeles, Jessica’s point of view of design and style is inspired by the spirit of the city, her culture, and the idea that through design - our clothing can be agile and evolve with us, through the expression of our personal style.