2 Styles 7 pieces!

You read that right! 

Our 4 in 1 Shirtdress and Convertible Cargo give you a least 7 different ways to wear them. When it comes to design, we love to push ourselves to view design and construction through the lens of “How to we give the wearer max versatility and function in one garment”

As a small business, there are many ways to do your part in sustainability, and while we (and fashion) has a ways to go in this area, we believe that this approach to design allows us to advocate for slow fashion in a way that feels practical. Let’s face it, the girlies love to switch it it! (And we do too!)

For us, it’s striking the right balance of design & pricing that honors the quality and intention of East On Rodeo, while remaining approachable, accessible and functional. As we continue to grow as a brand we hope to lean into this principal by creating less “stuff” and ensuring what we do create is intentional and versatile.

So let’s get to it, we can show you better than we can tell you.  Here are the 7 pieces in our 2 favorite styles!