Welcome to Behind the Seams


Hey Shorties!

It’s November … how? How did we get here so fast!

This year has been quite the journey for East On Rodeo. We burst out of the gate, focused on setting the tone for who we are, hosting pop-ups in Los Angeles, NY, and Dallas, and getting to know you with each interaction.

At the end of 2022, we dove straight into the next phase of our strategy, armed with three objectives.

1. After designing and developing our first two collections during COVID, we were eager to return to in-person fittings, fabric selections, and design development. There was no other place we could envision this happening than home. So, we packed our bags and relocated our brand operations to Los Angeles!

2. We also signed on with a showroom, reworked our pricing model, and adjusted our design and development cycle so that we are now designing a year in advance of new collection launches, finishing our SS24 collection in April. (Whew!)

3. Lastly, we had the goal of hosting a Pop-Up with Nordstrom within our first two years in business. We can officially say that it happened in September!


East On Rodeo- SS24 Preview

If you’ve ever taken the leap to create something from the ground up, then you know the ups and downs that come along with the process. It’s the most rewarding, yet challenging thing one can embark on. Looking back, I realize that every seed planted, every step forward adds up. So many things happen behind the scenes - failures and successes that others will never see. The experience is quite spiritual, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned so much about myself in the process.

So, what’s the purpose in telling you all this? If you’ve followed East On Rodeo for a while, you know that we do things with thought and intention. It’s taken me some time to figure out what these blog posts would be. Why do we write them? How do we want to connect with you? What do we hope you take away, and how do we hope you feel reading these?

What came to mind was “We’re figuring it out together.”

In the months to come, we’ll share when we have new product launches, share exclusive sales and promotions with you. But what we will also share are the realities of building our business, the things and people that inspire us, our takes on style, and identity.

So that’s it! Welcome to Behind the Seams - a place where “We’re figuring it out together.”